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Rooted is a weekly column in Kitchener Today featuring inspiring stories about people who go above and beyond to create positive change. I have been the feature writer for this column since early 2019.

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As a passionate storyteller, I am driven by the desire to communicate with an audience while creating content that will leave a lasting impact.
I have experience in television broadcasting, print media, and public relations.
As an active part of my community, I am an advocate for those at risk. I enjoy creating opportunities to elevate voices and shine a light on their causes.
A large part of my success has stemmed from my ability to intuitively understand the needs of others. I genuinely care about the stories I share and am invested in their happiness throughout the process. As a result, during my career, I have sharpened my skills as a communicator through two-way communication with the client and a sincere desire to create results-driven, authentic and memorable content.


Allow your passion to become your purpose, and one day it will become your profession."

Gabrielle Bernstein


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